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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Memories and Stories

I have spent the day going through pictures of my grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and children.  Today  made me realize more than ever that the stories of today need to be preserved too!  The stories in my head, the memories of my siblings, Aunt, cousins and children need to be documented.  It was so much fun sharing the pictures and provoking our memories to determine what year some of the pictures were taken.  Everyone was making comments, my niece told me that I had made her day after sharing a picture of her deceased father.  I was surprised to find some of my mother's grandchildren had no idea how she looked when  she was in her twenties.  One comment was "Wow grandma was hot".  I did not realize that they had not seen those pictures of her.

I have spent much time and money working on my family tree.  Mostly, however I am recording dates found on documents and photos of the more recent ancestors.  I don't know their stories, I know where and when they lived and died.  I do not know the personal story of their lives.

The memories of the living must be recorded before it is too late for the younger generation to have the knowledge to pass along these stories along with dates of certain events.  All of my grandparents as well as my parents have passed away. There is barely anyone left to tell the stories of my ancestors. I have one living aunt that I have been gleaning information from for over a year about her sister (my mother) and my grandparents,  but she has a hard time as her memory is fading with time, she is in her 70's.

I would like to challenge all family historians, parents and grandparents to preserve the memories that are yours so your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will have the pleasure of knowing them.