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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surprise Connection

I want to talk about something that has surprised me on this journey of following my family history.  I have had the pleasure of connecting with people from many different places that all share the same love of family history.  It is always enjoyable when you can share your love of something with people who feel the same way.  Family history tends to bore my family so finding this community of people who love what they are doing and will listen to what you have to say is such a blessing. It is not just about genealogy it has become personal as well.  Although I have never met these people in person, I look forward everyday to read what they have to say!  They take pride in their work and are not afraid to say when someone is taking the wrong path, not because they are trying to be mean, but because of their love of genealogy!  There is a lot is misinformation out there and they continually try to educate newbies and clickophiles as to the pit falls of shortcuts. These are some of the most professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, witty and funny people I have ever connected with before.  They have welcomed me into their genealogy-related groups and continue to teach me everyday, just through normal posts!  They have always been willing to help whenever I or others need it.  It's not just the administrators, it's the group members too.  Several of the people have their own blogs that are full of so much information I feel inadequate about mine.  I just tell myself, everyone has to start somewhere!  I am so thankful to have connected with them.  You know you are :)